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Here at Superb Parking Management we put you in total control when it comes to planning your private event. Since we charge by the hour for each valet attendant needed, you decide how many valet parkers you want and for how long you want them for.

The following are our hourly rates for private parties


Important please read:


The rates listed above are only for private events, if you need a quote for having Superb Parking Management at your place of business all the time or few days a week contact us and one of our representative will get back to you shortly.

For best service we suggest to have one valet attendant for every 5-10 cars expected. We are situated in the greater Houston area, but offer our services all throughout the state of Texas, in the case where your event will be held outside a 30 mile radius from Houston Tx a minimal Over the Limit Mileage fee will apply.

Please note a 15% gratuity fee will apply.

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