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What we do

               Valet Parking


Is what we do best, our management staff have decades in experience in this industry and our valet attendants are fully uniformed, well groomed and professional.


  • Malls & Shopping centers: we can help you attract more business by making parking easy and convenient to your customers.


  • Restaurants: let our staff add that upscale touch to your business, you take care of the kitchen, we take care of the parking.


  • Private events: whether you are a multimillion dollar corporate company with an event function, or a dad planning his daughter's wedding we can assist you with your parking needs to make your project a success.


          Parking Management


We offer top-notch parking management in the following fields.


  • Hotels: here at SPM Parking  we use the latest in computer technology and software to maximize space and improve revenue. Our attendants are fully trained in five-star quality standards and will treat the guests in the Hotels we run with an A+ customer service.


  • Luxury High Rises: when it comes to residential parking services, we know that tenants need a smiley face to greet them after a long stressful day at work; our attendants and concierges are friendly and courteous and will get the job done right.


  • Hospitals: we understand that this is a sensitive field that requires special skills to make sure patients and visitors get extra attention once they come in, special skills that our attendants have.


             Concierge Service


From coat check to full 24/7/365 concierge service, we can help you establish a unique relationship and connection with your tenants, customers and guests. 


Our five-star quality standards and service will distinguish you from your competitors and appeal to prospective residents and clients.


It will also take the burden of non-leasing/sales related issues off your management team, and allow our staff to be the team your tenants turn to for everything else. We will  help you improve your productivity and turn your community into a five start resort.


      Directing Traffic Flow


Do you have a Festival or a 5k run event coming up ?  are you expecting 1000-3000 cars rolling in within a space of 1 to 2 hours ?


If you do, you must know that managing parking for a high car volume is not an easy task.

If it's not done properly you will run out of parking spots and have a huge traffic jam that will frustrate your guests.


Why not let our experienced management team and attendants handle the parking for your event ?

We've done it hundreds of times, with us by your side you can have peace of mind and focus on your event. 


We will make sure that everybody pays your entrance fee if you have one, direct traffic flow to keep the lines moving and shuttle your guests when it's needed. 


              Shuttle Service


Shuttle service is an option that we offer to our clients that have a tight budget in their hand.


If you are expecting a really large number of guests at a private event and can not afford to have a dozen valet attendants, shuttle service can transport your guests from the parking area where the valet attendants were suppose to park the guests cars to the entrance of the event.


We also can can offer shuttle service to your employees if parking is limited at your establishment and you would like to save the parking spots you have available for your customers. 

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